BMS Web Portal Service

Customized, Centralized Information for All Parties

Integrated with our TrustWorks  software, the BMS Web Portal Service provides you and all involved parties with customized, centralized access to multiple sources of information through one location.  BMS Web Portals  are designed for both public and private use, with a secure document area where a username and password must be provided to gain access to documents.
BMS Web Portal Service | Efficient, Customizable and User-Friendly

The BMS Web Portal Service provides:

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

The BMS Web Portal Service  offers up-to-date, accurate information and distributes it to everyone involved in the case. 

  • One central location for all your documents and other case information, easily find critical case data and file claims
  • The easy-to-use, intuitive portal allows all parties to collaborate seamlessly
  • 24/7 access to your data  

Simple and Cost-Effective Web Portal Content Management

Your customized BMS Web Portal  is both an elegant and highly cost-effective way to convey a professional image of the company throughout the process.

  • No need to rely on costly 3rd-party providers
  • No set-up hassles or complicated software involved 
  • Quickly and easily create, maintain and update your BMS Web Portal   content

A Customized, Company Branded Web Portal

Your BMS Web Portal  is a fully branded, integrated and customized portal, further enhancing your professional image and services.

  • Completely customized with your company’s logo, colors and approved contact information
  • Your BMS Web Portal  provides you with a comprehensive, professional resource for information and services 
  • Your existing company web site can easily be integrated with the BMS Web Portal   for even greater efficiency


The BMS Web Portal  is built into our TrustWorks  software. For additional information, or to schedule a demo, complete the form on the Contact Us tab.


Tour a sample BMS Web Portal

Click the dots below to see more images of the web portal screens.
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  • BMS Web Portal - Case Screen
  • BMS Web Portal - Case Documents
  • BMS Web Portal - Case Docket
  • BMS Web Portal - Claims Screen
  • BMS Web Portal - Admin Interface

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