Easy, Efficient Case Document Management

QuikDocs  is a simple but highly effective document management tool that integrates with our case administration solutions, TrustWorks and CaseLink Office. One of our most popular client solutions, QuikDocs lets you manage all of your case documents in one central location.
QuikDocs | Easy, Efficient Case Document ManagementThe simple interface in QuikDocs  lets you file, describe, find and generate reports on case-related documents quickly to help meet your needs—further expanding the capabilities within TrustWorks or CaseLink Office to help you manage your cases in the most efficient way possible.

Key Features:

  • Add, delete and export specific documents
  • Edit document properties
  • Append selected PDF documents
  • Find documents by case name or number
  • Find orphan documents, for one specific case or for all cases globally
  • Retrieve exported documents
  • View all documents that have been downloaded
  • View all documents for a specific case
  • View all documents assigned to a specific 341(a) meeting date
  • Complete the same task for numerous documents at one time
  • Run custom reports on documents and document types housed within QuikDocs

All these options make document management easy and efficient through QuikDocs, allowing you to spend more time on the key issues of each case. You’ll see the results from using QuikDocs immediately: increased productivity and lower operational costs.

QuikDocs  is available exclusively to BMS clients using TrustWorks or CaseLink Office.

To learn more about the very best solution available on the market for effective document management, complete the online form to the right.

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QuikDocs document management system is superior and easier to use than its competition’s system. It allows me to sort, search, and rename documents within the system to make it easier to find information.”

Randy Skinner, Trustee
Greenville, SC

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