01 May 2017

Zillow® Integration in CaseLink² Now Available

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The latest release of CaseLink² is here! One of the all-star features in the release is a new Zillow® section on the Asset Detail screen, which allows you to easily look up a Zestimate® (the property value by Zillow®) and comprehensive property details from inside CaseLink².

Learn more about this new feature below!

Access Zillow®

The Zillow® section appears on the Asset Details screen for assets marked with UTCs 1110 or 1210 (Liquidation of Real Property). To view this section, click on a property asset to navigate to the Asset Details. On this screen, you will see an accordion marked “Zillow” that can be expanded or collapsed:

Click the “+” symbol in the Zillow accordion to expand the section and instantly see the latest property information and Zestimate® within CaseLink². The address line can be updated, if needed, to provide a different address to match the records within Zillow’s database.

Save Property Details

The Zillow® information is intended as an educational tool about the property. Due to restrictions imposed by Zillow®, the information cannot be saved automatically in CaseLink²; however, it is readily available just by opening the accordion. On occasion, you may need to save a “snapshot” of the Zillow® information. To do so, click on the “Search in Zillow” button to visit the property’s page on the Zillow® website. From there, you can then print the screen and save the information to your documents folder within CaseLink².

The Zillow integration is just one of many new enhancements available in CaseLink². To learn about all the updates available in this release, visit click on the ‘?’ icon in the global menu bar along the top of CaseLink² to visit ‘HelpLink > What’s New.’ Once there, look for the latest Release Notes.