22 Dec 2017

Year-End Roundup: Your Favorite 2017 Articles

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It’s been a great year for BMS and our clients!

As the year winds down to a close, we are looking back at the productivity-enhancing articles plus software tips that you found the most useful from our monthly newsletter. Below, we’ve compiled a list of your favorite BMS newsletter articles from over this past year. Refresh your skills and knowledge with the year’s best software, compliance and tech tips and tricks from BMS, and have a very happy holiday season!

Month Top Article
January Top Trustee Resolutions (& How to Keep Them!)
February Data Care: Know What BMS Does and Does Not Back Up
March Chat Support is Your Shining Rainbow to Productivity
April On A Rainy Day: Trustee Errors to Avoid During Audits, Field Exams, & TIRs
May Five Tips to Avoid Curveballs in Your Field Exams, Audits and TIR Reviews
June Welcome to CaseLink² Connections
July Stay Afloat with ECF Updates in CaseLink
August Your Travel Guide to 341(a) Meeting Preparation
September “Dear Angie”: Converted Assets from Ch. 11 to Ch. 7 
October Don’t Be Afraid to Look! Find Assets Online
November Scrumptious Tips for More Effective Google Searches to Find Assets