25 Sep 2014

Differences between Wi-Fi and the Internet

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Differences between Wi-Fi and the Internet

Wi-Fi and the Internet are often thought of as the same thing, but, in fact, they are very different. Knowing the difference can help you to understand why downloading speeds vary so much between your devices.

Wi-Fi is a wireless alternative to network cables which are used to connect devices to a local area network (LAN). Before Wi-Fi, the only way to connect devices together, such as printers and computers,  was through physical network cables. With Wi-Fi, you are able to connect these devices in the same way…just without the cables.

Wi-Fi networks are independent from an Internet connection

When you are connected to a Wi-Fi network you can share your data locally with laptops, servers, printers and other devices – as you would do with wired devices across a local network. On the other hand, an Internet connection allows you to connect to the world wide web to access services such as Google, Outlook.com, and Facebook.

The intersection of Wi-Fi and the Internet

In order to access the Internet through Wi-Fi, you must have Internet service and the Internet connection from that service must be plugged into a wireless router. The Internet connection will then be available to any Wi-Fi connected clients, such as laptops and smart phones.

The speed of your Wi-Fi network is controlled by the strength of your router while the Internet connection is controlled by online users. You may have a strong Internet connection but if you are downloading a file from a party with a slow Internet connection, the downloading process will still take a long time. The same principal applies to multiple users on a network. If you have numerous people using a Wi-Fi signal, it will make downloading speeds slower for everyone connected. This is why connection speeds to sites on the Internet are usually slower than to other devices on your Wi-Fi network.

Understanding these principals can help you connect your Wi-Fi network to the Internet.

**For CaseLink Office users, it is highly recommended that you use a wired connection for faster and more reliable downloading speeds.

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