02 Jun 2017

Welcome to CaseLink² Connections

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CaseLink² users are some of the most-seasoned case administration professionals in the country. Based on your feedback, we’re excited to introduce CaseLink² Connections – a new, private online community just for CaseLink² users!

Starting Thursday, June 15th, you’ll be able to privately discuss bankruptcy issues and software questions with other Chapter 7 professionals from around the country. Plus, suggest product ideas to BMS (or vote on someone else’s suggestion), and access help articles and training videos all through this one site – just a quick search term away!

Learn more about CaseLink² Connections below!


Starting Thursday, June 15th, the Alerts Panel in CaseLink²  will include new tabs for “Discussion Forums,” “What’s New,” “Training Classes,” and “HelpLink”—each of which will navigate you to a specific section within CaseLink² Connections


Discuss & Discover

In CaseLink² Connections, you will be able to privately discuss prevalent bankruptcy issues and topics, software questions, and product ideas with other CaseLink²  users through our forums. All discussions are exclusive to the CaseLink² users.

Just like on other social media sites, you can like, follow and reply to discussion threads. For any discussion you start or follow, you’ll be notified by email when there is any new activities.

Search & Find

The new site also offers powerful search features, where you will be able to quickly find any help topic or online discussion by using the search bar at the top of the screen.


Learn & Watch

CaseLink²  help articles and training videos will now be located within CaseLink²  Connections for easier access to support. All articles and videos are categorized by topic and accessible by search or may be browsed by category via the home page.

Like all communities, earnest participation from its members are required for it to thrive. We encourage you to actively post and discuss topics that are important to you and provide perspective your colleagues on CaseLink² Connections!

If you have any question about CaseLink² Connections, please contact your BMS Account Manager or the Software team in the BMS Support Center.