02 Oct 2017

Washington Trustee Spooked by Former Vendor’s Software, Switches to BMS

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Chapter 7 Trustee, Charlie Carlson, got spooked when his former vendor’s software turned unreliable – and even more so when their customer service went downhill. After switching to BMS, his practice is bubbling along thanks to CaseLink² and the excellent support he has received.

Since his appointment to the panel in 2003, things had been going well in Mr. Carlson’s practice. But it got a bit scary when he couldn’t trust the data in his software.

“We’d submit our final reports to the U.S. Trustee, and when we went to do the notice, the data had changed,” Mr. Carlson says. “It was just bad.”

To make matters worse, support from his former vendor had become a shadow of what he had known before.

 “[My previous vendor] used to be good on customer support, but through the years they became less and less accessible,” Mr. Carlson says. “They just weren’t responsive.”

Seeking an improvement, Mr. Carlson was enchanted by CaseLink Web with its automated features, as well as the friendly, welcoming BMS staff members – so he decided to switch.

“We saw many more features on the BMS platform than we had with our previous vendor and decided it would be much better,” Mr. Carlson says.

Although happy with CaseLink Web, Mr. Carlson had no second thoughts in transitioning to the new and improved CaseLink² software platform in September 2016.

Now using CaseLink², Mr. Carlson’s practice has undergone a magical transformation with the platform’s secure, reliable, and easy-to-use features.

 “CaseLink² is very easy-to-use and self-explanatory,” Mr. Carlson says. “That is fantastic.”

“If I’m having trouble with something, I use the in-software BMS tutorial videos, and I can figure it out from there,” he adds.

In addition, Mr. Carlson’s productivity is bubbling over with the platform’s charmingly robust features.

“I really, really like the 341(a) module in CaseLink²,” Mr. Carlson says. “I’m doing a docket tomorrow and it works very well in hearings.”

“I just did my interim report in the software for the first time,” he adds. “After watching a tutorial on it a couple of times, I followed through and did the report with no problems.”

The software has also kept Mr. Carlson out of the dark with features like the ‘Alerts Panel.’

“I like the ‘Alerts Panel’ because I can quickly look at it and get constant reminders for what I need to do,” Mr. Carlson says. “That and the ‘To Do List’ feature really keep me on top of things.”

Plus, he doesn’t need a crystal ball—his Account Manager, Melanie Patton, and the BMS Support Center help keep him on track.

“Melanie is extremely helpful and responsive—she’s fantastic,” Mr. Carlson says. “I’ve also called into the Support Center a couple of times and they’ve been very helpful and fixed the problem immediately.”

For trustees not yet using CaseLink², Mr. Carlson recommends they come into the light.

“I’ve spoken with several trustees, and to each person I’ve said, ‘Go with BMS,’” Mr. Carlson says. “For customer service alone, BMS is great.”