07 Apr 2017

Walking on Sunshine with New CaseLink² Updates

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You’ll be walking on sunshine with CaseLink² updates coming later this month! The new and updated features include Zillow integration for easier property viewing, WordPerfect support for Merge Documents, enhanced integration with data from the latest Bankruptcy petitions and schedules, and more!

Learn more about these enhancements below!

NEW! Zillow Integration for Easy Property Viewing & Zestimate®

A new Zillow section on the Asset Detail screen allows you to easily look up a Zestimate® (property value by Zillow) and comprehensive property details from inside CaseLink²!

BETA FEATURE! Merge Documents now support WordPerfect

With this new update, you can now merge CaseLink² data into a WordPerfect document using the Merge Document Templates Tool and the results will be outputted in a WordPerfect file. Provide any feedback about this new beta feature to your BMS Account Manager.

UPDATE! Easier Work with Updated Bankruptcy Petitions and Schedules

Several features have been reconfigured to better accommodate the data provided on the latest format of the bankruptcy petitions and schedules, including: the 341(a) Prep Sheet tool; the SOFA section in the 341(a) View; the 341(a) tab of the Case Information Screen; the 341(a) offline mode; and the Asset Import Options screen.

UPDATE! Smoother Work with Assets

Working with assets is more streamlined with the ability to re-organize the Asset Details screen using drag-and-drop. Plus, change the pagination or sort order to be remembered across sessions. Also, when viewing a truncated list of assets in the 341(a) View or the 341(a) tab of the Case Information screen, the asset total now reflects the full asset list, not just the partial list.

UPDATE! Export Claims to CSV Format

You can now export single or multiple claims to CSV format on the Filed Claims, Scheduled Claims, and Tax Claims tabs of the Claims screen, and download the file to the desktop. Plus, if you change the pagination or sort order while working on the Claims screen, your settings will be remembered throughout your session and across cases.

UPDATE! Documents open in separate tab throughout CaseLink²

With the Sidekick, we introduced document editing in a separate tab instead of a modal window. It’s so popular, we’ve introduced this feature to Global Documents, Case Documents, 341(a) View Documents, and the 341(a) tab on the Case Information screen!

And there’s even more enhancements in this upcoming release! The morning after the release, CaseLink² users may visit ‘HelpLink > What’s New’ to find the Release Notes with the full list of updates and enhancements. Watch your inbox for the specific release date.