01 Aug 2014

Verify Balances Before Stopping Checks in CaseLink Web

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Banking Tip:

How to Stop Payments in CaseLink Web

After you have verified the check request, follow the steps below to learn how to Stop Payments in CaseLink Web.

Go to the Global Tool Bar and enter the case number or case name into the Search tab.


Select Accounts from the side tool bar. This will be the icon resembling an institutional bank building.


Once in the banking area of the specific case, choose the account from which the check was written by clicking the appropriate link in the Account column.


This will bring you to the transaction screen for the account. Locate the outstanding check you would like to stop payment on. Outstanding checks will be noted with a P for pending status. Click on the Ref No. link to access the check.


From this screen you have the option to void or stop the check. Click on the Stop button to stop payment on this check. A dialog box will pop up to ensure this is the action you would like to take. Click Stop again to confirm.



The stop payment request will be automatically sent to Rabobank. Once the bank receives the stop payment request, they will mail you a confirmation letter.

*Please note that the ledger will not return balances until the pending stop is confirmed. If funds are needed immediately, please contact the BMS Banking Center for swift resolution.

**See Handbook Chapter 5.F.4.a

If at any point you are unclear or need help in with the process, please contact the BMS Banking Center via email or call 800-634-7734 ext. 8. We are always here to help!