01 Aug 2014

Verify Balances Before Stopping Checks in CaseLink Office

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Banking Tip:

How to Stop Payments in CaseLink Office

After you have verified the check request, follow the steps below to learn how to stop payments in CaseLink Office.

Go to the Banking tab located on the left side of the Homepage.


In the Banking screen locate the check to stop under the Transactions for the account. Double-click on the line item to access the check.


In the check screen locate the Paid Status drop down and select the Stopped option from the list of choices. Once chosen, click the Save button in the bottom left of the screen to submit the request.


Doing so will automatically send the request to Rabobank. Once the bank receives it, they will send a stop payment confirmation to your office.

*See Handbook Chapter 5.F.4.a

If at any point you are unclear or need help in walking through the process, please contact the BMS Banking Center via email or call 800-634-7734 ext. 8. We are always here to help!