08 Apr 2014

TrustWorks: Update Bank Data Immediately for Faster and More Accurate Results

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TrustWorks Tip:

Update Bank Data Immediately for Faster and More Accurate Results

TWRunning bank reconciliations or reports without the most current banking information can be challenging. Additional research is needed when missing entries appear, taking up valuable trustee time.

TrustWorks has an Update Bank Data feature that provides users with current banking information from the BMS database. This feature allows users to immediately access the most recent banking data, resulting in faster bank reconciliations and more accurate bank reconciliation reports.

Access Update Bank Data Link

To access the Update Bank Data link first, go to the TrustWorks Homepage. Locate the Banking tab on the left and scroll down until you see the link for Update Bank Data.


After the link is clicked, the application will launch showing you a list of updated records. Once complete, you will be able to identify which records have been updated (green) and which ones were not updated (red) with current banking data.


Being able to capture the most recent banking data will help to eliminate additional research when identifying missing ledger data. You will be able to identify cases with updated ledger data at a glance. This function will also help in verifying whether pending transactions have been completed.

If you have any questions or concerns about how to use the new TrustWorks feature, please contact your Account Manager, Morgan Wisbey at 800-634-7734, ext 2200 or the BMS Banking Center at 800-634-7734, ext. 8 or via email.