01 Mar 2016

Spring Clean Your Cases with Case Power Edit in CaseLink Office

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Doing some spring cleaning this month? Scrub up your cases while you’re at it with Case Power Edit in CaseLink Office! With Case Power Edit, you can quickly add or modify multiple cases at once using the tables function—saving you a ton of time and making your cases shine brighter in minutes.

Check out some ways to use Case Power Edit to add cases and quickly edit fields below!

Navigate to Case Power Edit

To use the Case Power Edit feature window:

  1. Click the Case tab on the Form Selection Toolbar.
  2. Select Power Edit from the sub-menu below.

Add Cases in Power Edit

To add cases in Case Power Edit:

  1. From the Power Edit screen, click the New Item button at the bottom of the Power Editing window.
    PE-3 (1)
  2. Enter data by using the TAB key to move from field to field. Click within the field and use the drop box within the field to select from lists. Certain fields will default to their value from the last record added, for example: Open Date, Open Reason, Bond Type, Judge, Asset Type, Chapter, and the Trustee field. NOTE: 341(a) fields cannot be updated in the Power Editing window. They are displayed as view only. To enter 341(a) information for a case, go to the 341(a) Worksheet.

TIP: To make the Power Editing window even easier to use:

  1. Maximize the Power Editing window to full screen by clicking the Maximize button.
  2. Arrange the columns by clicking on the column heading and “dragging” the column to the location on the Power Editing grid you want. Power Editing will remember these changes and apply them to future Power Editing sessions.
  3. Click the Options button and Set Filter to filter only the case you will be editing.

Editing Cases in Power Edit

To change information in Power Editing, simply TAB to the field you wish to correct, and type over the incorrect information. Some examples of when you might want to use this feature are if a judge retires and you need to update the cases to feature the newly assigned judge, or if you want to update multiple ETFR dates without having to go to each individual case. NOTE: The Case Number field and all 341(a) fields cannot be edited or changed while still in Power Edit mode; however, all other fields in Power Editing can be changed, right on the grid.

Saving in Power Edit

Power Edit has an automatic save feature which saves changes and/or additions when the next case (row) is selected or edited. If the Prompt before Saving option is unchecked in the System Options screen, any changes and or additions, even inadvertent ones, are immediately saved when the next case (row) is selected or edited.

If you have the Prompt before Saving option checked in the System Options screen, you will be prompted to save your additions and/or changes every time the next case (row) is selected.


Sorting in Power Edit

To sort while in Power Edit mode:

  1. Double-click on the column heading you want to sort by; or
  2. Click on the Options button and select the desired order option.PE-6

Note: Once you have clicked the New Item button, you cannot change the display order until you leave that input line.