01 Aug 2014

TrustWorks Simplifies Multiple Distributions

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TrustWorks Tip:

TrustWorks Simplifies Multiple Distributions

BMS | TrustWorks http://www.bmsadvantage.com/corporate-restructuring/trustworksDid you know that you could be wasting valuable time if you’re using CaseLink, our Chapter 7 case administration software, to handle complex multiple distributions for your Chapter 11 cases? You should be using TrustWorks, our software solution for streamlined and simplified case administration for cases outside of the Chapter 7 process.

With its robust distribution modeling, TrustWorks is designed to save you time by offering a highly flexible and adjustable interface specifically designed to handle multiple distributions.

Consider all the Chapter 11-specific functions you could be using to make complex multiple distributions easier:

  • Set a specific date for the distribution, and determine whether it will be based on a specific amount, a percentage of the amount, reserve accounts, or the final, “last man standing” distribution.
  • Select a category of claimants or claim types to be paid, taking into account previously-paid amounts and reserve balances that may affect the distribution.
  • Automatically take claim status into account, and remove the “Do Not Pay” claims from the calculation of the distribution.
  • Immediately identify claims with calculation issues and distribution percentage inequalities before the distribution is put into effect, and allow modifications before applying the distribution.
  • Display resulting proposed amounts for each qualifying claimant before the distribution is applied and set.
  • Save the distribution model and issue checks at a later time, or not at all.

Using workarounds and complicated manual processes to handle multiple distributions under Chapter 11 is unnecessary with TrustWorks. Contact your BMS Account Manager or Morgan Wisbey at 800-634-7734, ext 2200 to learn why TrustWorks is the right platform for you to use as you administer your non-Chapter 7 cases.