22 Dec 2017

Trustee’s Practice Merry & Bright with CaseLink²

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Trustee David Wadsworth was in the doldrums with his previous vendor’s slow software and support. Now, his practice is merry and bright with CaseLink² and sterling support from BMS.

Since his appointment to the panel in 2009, Mr. Wadsworth had used another vendor’s desktop-based software for his case administration. But after being persuaded to switch to his vendor’s web-based platform, he wished he could exchange it for his original platform.

“[The software] was so slow that it literally doubled and tripled the time for my staff and I to do simple tasks,” Mr. Wadsworth says. “Every time I clicked a button, it took 30 seconds or more before the next screen appeared. It was just painfully, painfully slow.”

Feeling like he was trudging through snow, Mr. Wadsworth reached out to his then-vendor for guidance. But he received no encouragement.

“When I told them I wanted to go back to the desktop product, they said I couldn’t do that,” Mr. Wadsworth says.

Out in the cold from his vendor’s lackluster response, Mr. Wadsworth took a look at BMS after recommendations from colleagues, and was dazzled by the CaseLink software. So he decided to switch.

Feeling sparkly and new with the enhanced software, Mr. Wadsworth decided to upgrade again—this time to the CaseLink² platform, when he took a demo of the product in early 2017.

Now Mr. Wadsworth is in full cheer with the fast and straightforward system—contrary to his former vendor’s software.

“Unlike [my former vendor’s] web product that moved at a snail’s pace, there is no noticeable delay with CaseLink², so that is great,” Mr. Wadsworth says.

“And, it’s so easy to use because it’s laid out so everything is very accessible,” he adds. “Overall, it’s really user-friendly.”

Besides enhanced speed, Mr. Wadsworth’s productivity has lit up like an open fire with the system’s workflow-enhancing features, including the streamlined 341(a) View.

“Prepping for 341(a) meetings is much better in CaseLink²,” Mr. Wadsworth says. “I never have any problems accessing my case information because the program is so fast. It’s so much easier to keep everything updated and in one place for my meetings.”

The software’s one-of-a-kind features are the gift that keeps on giving for Mr. Wadsworth’s practice, including the Alerts Panel and the Sidekick—the left side panel that provides easy access to cases, reports and documents.

“I check the home page alerts every morning,” Mr. Wadsworth says. “It’s great to see at-a-glance the primary tasks I need to get done each day as soon as I log into the software. Plus, the Sidekick makes it super easy to access my forms, documents, and everything else!”

With his newfound mobility provided by the software, the world is now a wonderland of potential productivity for Mr. Wadsworth.

CaseLink² has made a huge difference in our daily output because it’s so easy to use from anywhere,” Mr. Wadsworth says. “That has helped my office tremendously, without a doubt.”

Along with a brighter practice, Mr. Wadsworth has also gained a proactive support system with his Account Manager, Tanya Olson, and the BMS Support Center.

“At BMS, the service is top-notch,” Mr. Wadsworth says. “Everyone is superb at answering questions, and they’re quick.”

“I liked the folks with [my previous vendor], but I think the BMS folks are better,” he adds. “They have a better sense of what they’re doing, they’re super responsive, and they are a pleasure to work with.”

For those not yet using CaseLink², Mr. Wadsworth advises to give yourself the gift of BMS.

“There’s really nothing negative about it,” Mr. Wadsworth says. “The software fast, easy-to-use remotely, and it works very well. Plus, the service is really great. For me, it’s a no-brainer.”