08 Sep 2015

Trustees and Trustee Assistants Give Three Cheers for CaseLink Office

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BMS Raving Fan
As avid users of CaseLink Office, Trustee Brian Audette and his assistant, Amy Hylton, are some of the platform’s biggest cheerleaders.

Having worked on Chapter 7 cases since 2010, Audette brought Hylton on the team in January 2012. When she first came aboard, Hylton supported another trustee using the TCMS software by another software company. Hylton made the switch to CaseLink Office by BMS – the industry-leading desktop software solution for Trustee offices managing Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases – when she began working with Brian in June of that year.

According to Amy, CaseLink Office goes the extra mile to make managing cases easier.

“I love the notifications you get from the system to make sure you’re compliant,” Hylton says. “My favorite feature is that you can print UPS labels from inside the system when mailing deposits to the bank!”

Every team needs coaching and support, and with the training and support provided by her BMS account manager, the BMS Support Center and BMS University, Hylton says she can truly go the distance. “BMS has the best support – they are fantastic!” Hylton says. “Also, our account manager, Ronda, is amazing – she is always checking to see if we need anything.”

When asked if he would recommend CaseLink Office to a colleague, Audette has no question. “I would absolutely!” Audette says.

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