01 Nov 2017

Trustee Thankful to Have “Best of Both Worlds” with BMS

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Sometimes the longest road out is the shortest road home. For New Jersey Trustee Christine Shubert, switching from BMS to another competitor’s software helped her find her way back to her software home at BMS. Now, she is thankful to be back with the superior software and support from BMS, including CaseLink².

Ms. Shubert had been a long-time BMS client, having used CaseLink Office since her panel appointment in 1986. But when she saw a new web-based product offering by another vendor, she was curious.

However, once she was set up with her new vendor, Ms. Shubert missed the high-quality product and service she had become accustomed to with BMS, as well as the team members that had become like family to her throughout the years. So she decided to switch back—and she was not disappointed.

When she learned about CaseLink² in 2016, with its robust feature set and streamlined cloud-based case administration, Ms. Shubert knew she had made the right decision.

“I had known all the folks from BMS for many years, and I still had those relationships [when I switched back],” Ms. Shubert says. “And CaseLink² is a great product. I’m happy that I’m back.”

With CaseLink², Ms. Shubert now has the total cornucopia of software satisfaction with excellent support and a superior product with the utmost ease-of-use.

“It’s more user-friendly, which for people like me is really important — I’m not a new trustee,” Ms. Shubert says. “I don’t want to work really hard to learn new programs, and it has been very easy with CaseLink².”

Ms. Shubert is also appreciative of the entire smorgasbord of free time she now has with the software’s time-saving features.

“The Alerts Panel on the Home Screen really helps me manage my deadlines – it tells me when those dates are coming up and keeps me on top of what I need to do,” Ms. Shubert says.

Ms. Shubert can also add saved money to the potpourri of benefits she has received from the robust task automation features in CaseLink² – contrary to her previous vendor’s software, with which she had to hire staff to accomplish those same tasks.

“[With my other vendor] I would have to pay someone to keep track of those things for me,” Ms. Shubert says. “It was definitely more trouble keeping track of everything before.”

With the time and money she has saved, Ms. Shubert also appreciates how the software has helped to her to streamline her 341(a) meetings.

“My 341(a) meetings are so much easier,” Ms. Shubert says. “I log on live at the meeting, and I move between cases so quickly in CaseLink². At the end of the day, I can file my results right then and there. It makes the day flow better.”

With BMS, Ms. Shubert says she has the “best of all worlds” – software that makes her job easier with consistently excellent support.

“My Account Manager Martin Carey is always there to help me,” Ms. Shubert says. “If I run into a problem, I never panic — I know Marty will help me through it.”

Adds Ms. Shubert, “If I want, though, I can open a Chat window in my software to instantly speak to someone in the Support Center. So I really have the best of all worlds — I can use Chat, the Support line, or contact Marty if I ever need help.”

A completely satisfied BMS client, MS. Shubert wants other trustees to know why as well.

“I’ve recommended CaseLink² to colleagues on my panel, attendees at the last NABT, BMS clients still on Office, and trustees with other vendors,” Ms. Shubert says. “I always tell them, ‘Take a look at BMS. They make my life easier and I’m sure they’ll do that for you, too.’”