06 Jul 2016

Trustee Sailing Smoothly After Switch to CaseLink Web

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Administrating Chapter 7 cases as a newer trustee can feel like navigating through rough waters. Luckily for Trustee John Neblett, of Reedsville, PA, he is sailing smoothly with his case administration duties after his recent switch to CaseLink Web. Having originally started his practice nearly 4 years ago on CaseLink Office by BMS, Mr. Neblett decided to switch to CaseLink Web for the flexibility it offered.

“I wanted the ability to work on different computers than just the one in my office, and I liked the idea of being on the Web,” Mr. Neblett says. “Also the fact that the software is always automatically updated with the latest version is great.”

2b46e60Seeking flexibility and ease of use, Mr. Neblett’s voyage to the new platform was smooth and effortless, which is exactly how he wanted it to be. “The transition was a non-event, which was great,” Mr. Neblett says. “After we switched, I just went on with my operation.”

Once he began working on the Cloud-based platform, Mr. Neblett says it was very second nature, like walking on dry land. “What I like about the program is how intuitive it is,” Mr. Neblett says. “I love how it all works together – it seems to flow pretty comfortably. Once you understand the basic navigation of the software, it’s not hard to figure out at all,” Mr. Neblett adds.

Beyond its intuitive nature, Mr. Neblett treasures several gold nugget features within the platform that make his case administration duties much easier. “Making adjustments to items like T-Codes and assets, and moving things around is a lot easier,” Mr. Neblett says. “I also like that I can conduct many operations in one place, such as updating the Receipts log and making deposits.”

Mr. Neblett says the sterling service he has received from BMS since first becoming a client has instilled his loyalty. “The patience and support we’ve gotten from BMS over the years has made all the difference,” Mr. Neblett says. “The great level of support has made me a huge BMS fan.”

Should other trustees follow in his footsteps and make the switch to CaseLink Web? For Mr. Neblett, that’s a no-brainer. “I would recommend CaseLink Web to really anybody,” Mr. Neblett says. “I would tell them not to be afraid of it—it’s not hard. Once you start working with it, you’ll find it’s very intuitive.”