02 Nov 2015

Trustee Janina Hoskins is Thankful For Cloud Backups

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In times of crisis, the ones we are most thankful for are those who provide us support and peace of mind. For Janina Hoskins—a trustee located in Middletown, California—BMS was that support when wild fires ravaged her community in September, 2015.

On Saturday, September 12, 2015, a wildfire erupted in Lake County, California, causing devastating damage and forcing over seventeen thousand residents to evacuate including Janina, who did not know if her house or office would survive the fire (fortunately both suffered no damage.)

While thankful for her safety, Janina was concerned for the case data she had left behind, with upcoming 341(a) meetings later that week.

That morning, she emailed her account manager, Melanie Patton, and explained the situation. Melanie immediately leapt into action and arranged for a new laptop, scanner, and check and deposit stock to be sent to the address of a local attorney the very next day, where Janina would be.

Additionally, Melanie arranged for the BMS Support Center to download Janina’s data to her new laptop so that she could be ready for her 341(a) meetings that week. With CaseLink Office, as with any BMS software, automatic backups ensure that all of the case data loaded into the system can be rescued at any moment.

When Janina called the Support Center, she was happily surprised that they were already informed of the situation and were working on getting her set up on her new equipment.

“Melanie and the BMS Support Center got everything I needed to me by Tuesday afternoon, which was fantastic because I had 341(a) meetings the next day,” Janina said.

The documents that Janina needed were backed up by Carbonite, a cloud-based backup software, since the automatic backups performed by the CaseLink software do not cover documents or other files on the hard drive. The BMS Hardware Support Team recommends that users utilize Carbonite or a similar cloud-based backup software so that their files are backed up at all times.

To her disappointment, Janina discovered that it would take 4-5 days for Carbonite to download her files to her new laptop; however, her Hardware Support technician, Michael Herrick, informed her that it would be quicker for Carbonite to copy her backed up documents onto an external hard drive and overnight it, which they did at her suggestion.

“BMS was fabulous about getting me the data that I needed, and advising me on the best way to get my documents,” Janina said. “In such a chaotic situation when I didn’t know if my house or my office had survived the fire, it was such a relief that BMS was able to respond so quickly and to get all of my data back when I needed it.”

For other trustees that may find themselves in a similar crisis situation, Janina recommends having a disaster plan ready and handily available on their mobile device. “You don’t want to have to deal with the chaos of finding phone numbers and email addresses to contact your team, especially if you need to be evacuated like I was,” Janina said.

Additionally, Janina advises trustees to be realistic about when their documentation can be recovered in a crisis situation – in certain situations, as Janina found out, it can take five business days or more for this documentation to be recovered.