01 Sep 2017

Trustee Graduates to More Efficient Practice with CaseLink²

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Trustee Nathaniel Hull felt like he was being held back using another vendor’s web-based software. After many frustrating sessions with the clunky platform, Mr. Hull transferred to BMS and graduated to a much more efficient and effective practice using CaseLink².

After going on panel in 2014, Mr. Hull selected another vendor’s web-based platform for his case administration. Unfortunately, he soon learned the hard way how time-consuming a non-automated software could make his processes.

“I was not happy with [my previous vendor’s software] because it was so clunky – there was no automation,” Mr. Hull says. “I do everything for my practice, so the time I had to spend on manual tasks created no value for me or my estates.”

Frustrated, Mr. Hull hit the books. When he discovered CaseLink Web by BMS, he was instantly impressed by its gold-star features – including automated processes.

CaseLink Web was much, much better than my other vendor’s Cloud platform,” Mr. Hull says. “BMS freed up a huge chunk of my time by taking care of so many things for me. And I only need an Internet browser to access my cases from anywhere.”

With this A+ experience, Mr. Hull was pleased to learn about CaseLink² and it’s time-saving features when it was first introduced in September 2016, and he soon made the decision to upgrade.

Using CaseLink², Mr. Hull has seen significant improvements in his practice, including passing his first audit with flying colors.

“As a new trustee, your first audit is a big deal,” Mr. Hull says. “With the Auditor tool in CaseLink², and support from my Account Manager, I went into the audit confident I had done my due diligence and properly administered my cases.”

In addition to scoring an all-star audit, CaseLink² has helped Mr. Hull get his 341(a) meetings down to a science.

“I’ve become much more efficient in my 341(a) meetings with the 341(a) module in CaseLink²,” Mr. Hull says. “My 341(a) meeting spaces rarely have Wi-Fi, so I download my case data to use offline. Offlining the data is easy, and inputting my notes in CaseLink² has always been a smooth event for me. I couldn’t be happier with it.”

As the primary software user in his office, Mr. Hull stays on track with the platform’s time-saving features.

CaseLink² saves me so much time each day,” Mr. Hull says.“It automates processes I don’t need to pay attention to. And, the things I do need to touch, I can make the lightest touch possible and get things done in half the time than with my previous vendor.”

With CaseLink², Mr. Hull’s case administration is as easy as 1-2-3. Plus, he never has to question if bankruptcy petition and schedule data are available in his system—a credit to the software’s accuracy.

“My data is imported accurately into the system, and I can depend on it to be there when I need it,” Mr. Hull says. “The software has made me so much more productive.”

If he ever has a software or bankruptcy question, Mr. Hull is appreciative to have his own tutor to help him – his BMS Account Manager. Plus, if he has a suggestion for an improvement in the software, he knows he is being listened to.

“I email [my Account Manager] at absurd hours, and she is incredibly responsive,” Mr. Hull says. “It’s never taken her longer than an hour to get back to me. She’s phenomenal.”

“If I ever let BMS know about something I think can be improved in the software, I feel my recommendations are being considered,” Mr. Hull adds. “My experience with BMS has just been a 10 out of 10.”