07 Aug 2017

Trustee Discovers New World of Productivity with CaseLink²

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“Are we there yet?” Trustee Donald Thacker in Washington state began asking himself this question when his previous vendor still hadn’t mended the many potholes in his software. After a bumpy ride, he switched tracks; and with CaseLink², he has finally reached his destination to reliable data and productive software.

Since his panel appointment in 1999, Mr. Thacker’s practice had run fairly smoothly. But, when his then-vendor took a left turn with an impromptu software upgrade, things went off the rails.

“It was horrifying, the kind of thing that would keep you up at night,” Mr. Thacker says. “We couldn’t trust the data. Why even have a software program when you have to go back in and manually check everything?”

With rocky software and a turbulent peace of mind, Mr. Thacker received no assurances from his vendor.

“They weren’t fixing it,” Mr. Thacker says. “They never told us, ‘We know there are problems, and we’re on top of it.’ It was extraordinarily frustrating.”

After seeing a demo of CaseLink Web by BMS, Mr. Thacker decided to board with BMS, and he was soon up and running. So, when CaseLink² debuted in September 2016, he ventured onward with assurances from his Account Manager.

“I was reluctant to change over because of the disaster with our previous vendor,” Mr. Thacker says. “But our Account Manager walked us through it and showed us why it was better, so I took her advice and did the upgrade.”

With CaseLink², Mr. Thacker is full steam ahead with the platform’s productive workflows and intuitive interface – especially now that he works from home independently.

“It’s fairly intuitive even for someone like me, which is saying a lot since I’m not a computer person,” Mr. Thacker says. “Working from home, CaseLink² allows me to get stuff done easily and efficiently.”

Plus, Mr. Thacker is on a more straightforward path with easier processes in CaseLink² such as claims review and conducting 341(a) meetings.

“Entering and matching up claims is a lot easier,” Mr. Thacker says. “And filing documents to the ECF after my 341(a) meetings is really streamlined.”

Mr. Thacker appreciates that he is not alone on his journey – he always has help when he needs it.

“The BMS University tutorial videos included in the software are really helpful,” Mr. Thacker says. “Instead of constantly calling my Account Manager, I can go in and watch an 8- or 9-minute video that walks me through how to do something. That is fantastic.”

Throughout his journey with BMS, Mr. Thacker has stayed on track thanks to his personal navigator—Account Manager, Melanie Patton.

“Melanie is a lifesaver for me,” Mr. Thacker says. “Any time I have an issue, I can email her and I usually get a response the same day. For me that’s an absolute lifeline.”

“Having that one dedicated person who knows what I’m good at and what I’m not, and can help me personally based on that, makes a big difference,” Mr. Thacker adds. “I can’t stress my happiness with that enough.”

For trustees not yet on CaseLink², Mr. Thacker recommends they make the transition.

“I know what it’s like not knowing a software platform,” Mr. Thacker says. “You want to make sure you don’t pick the wrong product and waste a couple of years trying to make it work. So I’m always happy to recommend CaseLink².”