01 Jun 2016

Trustee Building Much Stronger Practice with CaseLink Web

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Like finding the right sized bolt, finding the right case administration software is the difference between a sturdy foundation and one that falls apart. Chapter 7 Trustee Charles Carlson recently discovered this simple fact after switching from a competitor’s software platform to CaseLink Web by BMS, and is now building a practice that is stronger than ever before.

Having been on the panel since September 2003, Mr. Carlson began to look into the software provided by BMS after a period of dissatisfaction with his previous provider in 2015. After seeing a demonstration of CaseLink Web, the Cloud-based software platform by BMS, Mr. Carlson was sold.


Charles Carlson, Trustee, Carlson & Thacker

“Once we saw the BMS platform, we saw many more features than were provided by our previous software vendor and decided it would be much better,” says Mr. Carlson.

The Chapter 7 practice had used a Cloud-based platform with his previous provider, so another Cloud-based software platform was a clear choice as the best tool for their office, he says.

“Being on the Cloud is great – it’s nice to have a portable solution where I can just work at home or anywhere on a laptop and access my cases,” Mr. Carlson says.

After beginning to use CaseLink Web, Mr. Carlson immediately got into his stride with features from the platform that made his case administration flow much smoother.

“The 341(a) meeting interface is light years better than what we were using before,” Mr. Carlson says. “It is much easier to work with all of the information on one page, and being able to send the information to the court straight from the software is great.”

“The Claims module where I can review and link claims is also much better, and I also really like the Banking interface where I can get my electronic statements right away,” Mr. Carlson adds.

According to building fundamentals, a strong support system is necessary for any construction project. While Mr. Carlson cites the easy interface as one of his favorite parts about CaseLink Web, he also truly appreciates the support he receives from his account manager, Melanie Patton, and the BMS Support Center.

“Melanie is extremely helpful and responsive – she’s fantastic,” Mr. Carlson says. “I’ve also called into the Support Center a couple of times and they’ve been extremely helpful and fixed the problem immediately.”

“Customer service is so much better at BMS than with the provider we had before,” Carlson adds. “I couldn’t ask for more on that end.”

Overall, Mr. Carlson says he is extremely satisfied with the BMS Advantage. Would he recommend CaseLink Web to peers? Mr. Carlson says absolutely.

“Absolutely I would recommend it,” Mr. Carlson says. “It’s a much easier interface to use both at the meeting of creditors and afterwards administering cases, and the customer service is far better than our prior provider.”