08 Mar 2017

Trustee Assistant’s Productivity Soars Sky-High with CaseLink²

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Trustee Ed Mazel and assistant Phyllis Stice felt their productivity needed a boost. With BMS and CaseLink², they are soaring sky-high in the Cloud with heightened efficiency and streamlined workflows.

A BMS Boost

When she became his assistant in 2012, Ms. Stice had trouble using Mr. Mazel’s software of choice – CaseLink Web. As a longtime user of CaseLink Office, she struggled at first with the differences between the two platforms.

With great reluctance, Mr. Mazel and Ms. Stice began to look at other software options. But they soon discovered the other vendors could not provide near the level of support they received from BMS. Luckily, their confidence  in BMS’ platform soared over time as regular updates continued to be made to the software.

Trustee Assistant Phyllis Stice

“We stayed with BMS because they listened to what we wanted and implemented it in the software,” Ms. Stice says. “I was so relieved because I had worked with them for so long and hated the thought of leaving.”

“One of the best things about CaseLink is the people [at BMS] that are building it, and their understanding of the software and the processes involved,” Ms. Stice added.

In September 2016, Mr. Mazel and Ms. Stice were elated when they saw a preview of CaseLink². With high expectations set by years of great service, they decided to do the upgrade.

Heightened Efficiency in the Cloud

Soon after making the easy switch to CaseLink², Mr. Mazel and Ms. Stice had to undergo an audit. Having to learn a new software while preparing for an audit could have deflated their confidence, but with the platform’s ease-of-use and intuitive navigation, they completed the audit with flying colors.

“As part of last minute preparations for the audit, I needed to find several reports to show we were in compliance,” Ms. Stice says. “Using the Sidekick in CaseLink², I could quickly find those reports and make sure they were available for review by the auditor.”

“It was a pleasant surprise when the auditor asked if we had this and this, and we could say, ‘Oh we do! And we can find it for you right now!’ That was so helpful,” Ms. Stice added.

Uplifting Software & Support

Ms. Stice is uplifted by the efficiency provided by CaseLink².

“It helps me to keep up with almost everything,” Ms. Stice says. “The first thing I see when I log in, is the Alerts panel customized to the items that are important to me. I can quickly see what needs to be done and add tasks and tags to keep me on track.”

CaseLink² is a lot like Office, which I had used before Web, so I like that. The total organization is better and more streamlined,” Ms. Stice added.

Plus, Ms. Stice is always bolstered by the support from BMS and her Account Manager, Tanya Olson and the BMS Product Management team.

“I know that when I ask for something, it’s evaluated and gets implemented in the software,” Ms. Stice says. “I know that I’m listened to, and that’s the reason I stayed with BMS. I knew that the people working on the software were capable of giving users the very best, and they always have been.”