07 Mar 2017

A Treasure Trove of Year-Round Resources in the BMS Newsletter & Blog

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You don’t have to wait for each month’s BMS Newsletter to come into your inbox in order to get helpful tips and other topical industry-related articles from BMS—you can access the full treasure trove year-round through the BMS Blog on our website! Leverage resources such as software and compliance tips, industry news, and more to operate at your peak efficiency all year long.

Check out a few ways below to get more use out of the resources we provide every month through our digital publications:

Read previous month’s articles

At any time, brush up on helpful tips by perusing articles from previous newsletters. On the BMSAdvantage.com website, navigate to Support & Resources > BMS Blog through the main menu, then click on any month listed in the sidebar (or at the bottom of the screen when viewing on a mobile device). The article archive also appears in the sidebar (or screen bottom) when you are viewing any individual article on our blog – like this one.

Search for topics

To check if we’ve written about a certain topic or tip, search for previous articles by entering keywords in the search box at the top of the screen.

Search through tags for similar types of articles

All BMS newsletter articles housed on our blog are tagged with certain category names. By clicking on an article tag (shown by the date the article was posted), you’ll be able to view more articles within that category.

Suggest topics you want to read about

Got a topic you want to see more of in the BMS Newsletter? Contact us! We’d be happy to include an article on that topic. Simply email BMS@BMSAdvantage.com with your topic suggestion. We appreciate your feedback!

Forward the newsletter to a friend

Want to share an article with a friend or colleague? Easily forward the newsletter using the “Forward to a Colleague” link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Follow us on social media

Don’t have time to go to our blog? Let the articles come to you through social media. For updates throughout the month, follow our social media channels where we not only post articles from our newsletter but we also include additional posts about the bankruptcy and insolvency industry and relevant technology-related issues. Best of all, the posts show up in your feed so you can read at your leisure. Follow our channels on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+!