09 Jul 2017

Treading Water? Run a Projected Surplus to Debtor Report

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Treading water on a case while waiting for additional funds to come in? Make headway by running a projected Surplus to Debtor report in CaseLink! With this report, you can determine if the debtor will likely get money back, if claimants will receive interest, and if there will be any reduction in trustee commission based on these subtracted funds.

Running this report in advance of an expected payment can also help you to explore petition creditors to see who hasn’t filed, and contact them regarding potential distribution. If there are enough creditors and interest reflected in the report, there could be no surplus for debtor and therefore no reduction in the trustee’s commission. This report is particularly useful in situations where the estate is pending a settlement, court order or other type of payout.

Learn more about how to use this feature in CaseLink below!


Before running the Surplus to Debtor Report in CaseLink², make sure all filed claims are entered in the Claims screen, and all projected fees and expenses are inputted. To run the report, navigate to the Reports tab in the Sidekick. The report is listed in the “Other” section under “Case Reports.”

On the Surplus to Debtor Report screen, the Report Title and Interest Rate fields are pre-populated for your convenience, but can always be changed by you. Enter a Projected Date of Payment in the Calendar field, then choose whether you would like to ‘Exclude administrative claims from the interest payment’ or ‘Exclude objected claims’ via the radio buttons below. Finally, enter whether you would like the Claims Order to be sorted by Number or Name, then click “Generate Report.”


The report will download as a PDF into your Case Documents and on your desktop.

And that’s it!

CaseLink Office

Before running the Surplus to Debtor Report in CaseLink Office, ensure the Trustee Compensation Worksheet is completed (on the Trustee tab in the Left Case Menu) and all claims are entered (on the Claims tab in the Left Case Menu.)

To run the report, select “Reports” from the CLO Main Menu toolbar at the top of the screen, then click the “Claims tab” and select “Surplus to Debtor & Interest” from the Print Reports screen. This will invoke the Parameters for Surplus to Debtor & Interest on Claims screen, shown below.

From this screen, select a Trustee number or ‘All’ from the drop-box menu. Then select a case, a projected date of payment, any additional funds to be received, and whether the Claims Order should be organized by Number or Name.

Under “How to Calculate Surplus,” check all six of the boxes listed to ensure that all claims will be added or updated, including Trustee Compensation, Surplus to Debtor Claim, and Claimant interest. This process also adjusts trustee compensation, reducing the compensation claim by the amount of the debtor claim only.

Enter the Interest Rate, then click the “Get Rate” link. This feature will automatically find the T-bill rate of return based on the petition date of the case and enter the rate for you. This rate is an industry standard; however you can manually enter any rate you choose for the calculation.

On the Compounding Frequency drop-down menu, enter the appropriate option from the drop-down menu (‘None / Simple Interest’ is the default).

Click the “Preview” or “Print” buttons to generate the report.

And that’s it!