03 Jul 2017

The Tide is Rising: CaseLink² Connections

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The tide is rising on CaseLink² Connections, the all-new online community for CaseLink² users! Since the forum’s debut last month, over 133 members have joined, and more users are joining and exploring discussions and software articles every day.

Based on user feedback, this new community was designed to provide CaseLink² users with the unique opportunity to build industry relationships with like-minded professionals through private discussions related to bankruptcy issues, software questions and product ideas. Through these industry relationships, users have access to valuable advice on handling specific case administration situations and referrals for new case-related work. Members of CaseLink² Connections can build up their reputation as a thought leader by sharing their knowledge, asking for feedback, or discussing their point of view on a bankruptcy-related topic.

All community discussions are private as the community is exclusive to CaseLink² users – consisting solely of Trustees, Assistants and Case Administrators.

Want to join? It’s simple! Navigate to the community by clicking on any of the links under the following sections of the CaseLink² Alerts Panel: ‘Discussion Forums,’ ‘What’s New,’ ‘Training Classes,’ or ‘HelpLink’ . Once you are redirected, you will automatically be set to explore the help articles and training videos within the community or start posting and replying to discussions. It’s just that easy!


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Find out what you can do with this new exclusive community by registering to attend the CaseLink² Connections webinar on July 18th.


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