01 Oct 2015

The Sweetest Treat: CaseLink Web 5.0 is Here!

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CLW-Candy-CornIt’s here: CaseLink Web 5.0! The latest generation of our cloud-based case administration platform released last week offers users a real treat. The entire confection provides users powerful refinements and enhancements to existing features of our mature cloud-based platform, each designed to help you accomplish your tasks more efficiently than ever. How sweet is that?

Distributions are no trick in CaseLink Web 5.0

Distributions are an integral part of any case administration software, and the new and updated features to the Distribution screen will no doubt satisfy all of your case administration cravings. This distinctive release includes an updated Distribution screen, redesigned with a refined user interface and added functions that provide you with a taste of everything that is going on in a case.

New functions that can now be performed through the Distribution screen include the ability to whip up NFRs, TFRs and TDRs without running distributions. Plus, users gain the ability to edit various claim fields without invalidating the distribution – allowing you to temporarily change the order in which claims will be paid.

Shining a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Additionally, a Distribution Scenario Tool to generate various distribution scenarios has been added – providing you an easy and customizable way to view greater details of how a distribution may be affected based on the options chosen. With this tool, you can quickly run different scenarios to shed light on what your compensation will look like after all of the components are mixed in.


Learn more about this updated feature in a training webinar on Friday, October 16th! View this and other training webinars for this month here!