06 May 2013

The BMS Advantage is “Like Night and Day” Says One Raving Fan

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The BMS Advantage is “Like Night and Day” Says One Raving Fan

BMS Raving Fan“It’s been like night and day coming over to BMS” says trustee assistant Rachel Turpin from Newport News, VA. After spending the last few years with a competitor, she is very happy to be part of the BMS family. Rachel is not only happy with all the time-saving features BMS offers but is also happy with the outstanding support that she has received, especially from the BMS Support Center.

One of Rachel’s favorite reasons for being with BMS is that CaseLink Office has so many customizable features, such as Snap Shots. Rachel has discovered so many ways to use Snap Shots to save time with administrative tasks. One particular way she uses Snap Shots is to  quickly find cases that have been mis-marked. “Loss notes are fantastic. I can create a shortcut such as ‘loss notes = name’ and pull up all the cases with that client’s name in them. There are so many other things I can do with Snap Shots…and I know I haven’t even scratched the surface.” She gives Snap Shots a thumbs up!

Rachel also raves about our amazing BMS support staff. “BMS systems are so intuitive that I can correct almost anything I need without having to go through the helpdesk. But when I do, I’m glad for their quick turnaround time.” She can hardly believe how knowledgeable and proactive they are. “With my previous software vendor, it would take such a long time to get an issue resolved. They just were not very responsive to our needs. When I call the BMS support center for help, they are always on top of it. As they go through fixing whatever problem I have, they will also take it upon themselves to proactively resolve other issues before they turn into problems – issues I didn’t even know I had! Now that’s service!”

Thank you so much Rachel for sharing your experiences with us…and the rest of the BMS family. We are happy to know you are getting the support and service you need.

If you have a story about how an individual or a team at BMS has helped you, please share it with us! And if you have suggestions for improvement, we’d like to hear them as well, so that we can have the chance to “wow” you, too. Please email us at BMS@bms7.com. We hope to hear from you soon!