01 Oct 2015

Tech Tip: Reviving Your Laptop Battery from the (Nearly) Dead

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If you think your laptop battery is about to “drop dead,” there may be a chance of reviving it. There are a few methods of potentially extending the life of your battery depending on the type of battery you have. If you are successful in extending your battery’s life…watch out for zombie-like symptoms including green skin and a hunger for brains!

Check out three ways to breathe new life into your laptop battery below:

Method 1: Cool Your Computer

Note: This method will only work on a lithium ion-based battery. To check the type of battery that you have, remove the battery from your laptop and look at the bottom or the top of the battery for details.

  1. To cool your computer, invest in a laptop cooling pad. This will help to extend your battery life by not letting your computer overheat. Laptop cooling pads, such as this one on Amazon.com, are available at most stores that sell technology equipment.

Method 2: Recalibrate the Battery

If your laptop battery is not charging to full power, or if your operating system alerts you that you have a certain amount of battery life remaining and the computer dies much sooner or much later than the time specified, you may need to recalibrate your battery. For newer batteries, this is not necessary; however, if your battery is an older battery, you can benefit from this method.

Some manufacturers have released recalibration tools for certain models of computers, so before you manually recalibrate with the steps below, type in the name of your laptop model into Google, followed by “recalibration tool,” to see if any tools exist.

To manually recalibrate your battery, take the following steps:

  1. Charge your laptop battery to the maximum percentage it can reach. Then, let your laptop continue charging for two additional hours.
  2. Disconnect your laptop power cord, keep your laptop powered on, and let the battery drain to 0% battery life.
  3. After the battery has drained, leave your laptop in off mode for 3-5 hours.
  4. Plug in your battery and let it recharge.

Method 3: Unplug Your Power Cord at Full Battery Life

Leaving your laptop plugged in while working constantly charges the battery, which tends to reduce the life of a laptop battery. Try allowing the battery to do its job – powering your laptop on its own. Charge your battery to 100%, then unplug your computer. Once your battery is close to dying, plug your power cord into your laptop and charge it to full power again. Doing so will recondition your battery to provide the charge that it was designed to do.