05 Mar 2014

Tags Help you Track Tax Refunds in CaseLink Web

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Get more Assets this Tax Season with Help from CaseLink Web

You already know that Tax Refunds make up a significant portion of the assets collected by each estate. What you may not know is that cases filed at the beginning of the year provide an opportunity to return to the estate both full refunds from the prior year as well as the ability to intercept refunds before the debtor spends them.

Previously, we gave you tips on how to utilize SnapShots to notify you of cases with pending refunds. This tax season, let us help you by showing you how to utilize the Tags feature in CaseLink Web to display and track cases with debtor refunds.

Using Tags to Track Tax Refunds

You may create lists of specific Tags, such as tax refunds, to use for tracking individual cases. From the Global Tool Bar in CaseLink Web, go to the Cases tab and select the case you want to tag. 

CLW_tag1In the Case menu locate the Tags portlet and click the Edit link to open up the Tag box. Here, you will add in the tag associated with what you want to track. In this example we used Tax Refund. Once complete, click Add and exit out of the window. Now, when you go to the Case home page, you will see the Tax Refund note appear under the Tags portlet. 


Remember: When tagging cases do not forget to keep your tags consistent. Otherwise, your queries will not bring up all the cases in which the tags were intended to search.

To Query Cases with Tags

In order to search for cases with unique tags, go to the CaseLink Web Home Page and click on the Advanced Search function at the top of the screen in the Global Tool Bar. In the Tags box, enter in the name of the tag you want to search for (we used Tax Refund in this example) and click Search.

Note: Advanced search can also be used to search for multiple tags. For instance, say you cannot remember if you tagged your cases as ‘Tax Refund’ or ‘Tax Refunds”. Enter both search terms into the Advanced Search field and all cases containing both tags will populate.


Now, all the cases containing the tags Tax Refund will populate for your review. You can print out this list by using the Download results to CSV option.


Remember: For cases that no longer require tracking, remove the Tag reason from the case. Otherwise, they will continue to appear when doing similar query reports.

We hope you find this tip to be useful when looking to obtain all assets in matters to ensure an increased payout to creditors. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the steps shown, please feel free to contact the BMS Support Center via email or call 800-634-7734, ext. 6.