04 Sep 2013

Streamline 341(a) Meetings using Flex Fields in CaseLink Office

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Product Tip:

Streamline 341(a) Meetings using Flex Fields in CaseLink Office

CaseLink Office users employ Flex Fields in many different ways. You can utilize these fields to input previously gathered information, such as prior bankruptcy filings and the year in which they were filed. You can list the tax refund year and how much they received back, as well as a list of the bank statements the debtor has on hand at the date of the filing. As you can see, Flex Fields allow the user many options when it comes to customization in CaseLink Office.

Flex Fields can be especially helpful in streamlining 341(a) meetings while ensuring all pertinent information is gathered. Many trustees choose to design the flex field descriptions as questions. Doing so allows you to provide answers during the review or while conducting the 341(a) meeting.  The fields also allow for answers or notes to be placed to the right side of the descriptions. This provides a great reminder for you and your staff to consistently investigate all aspects of the case within the limited time allocated for each 341(a) meeting.

To Setup Flex Fields:

In order to access these fields you must first go to File>System Options then click the System-Wide tab. In the bottom right corner you will see the 341(a) Flex Fields button. Click that button to open the 341(a) Options box. Users can enter up to 10 unique line items for use in the Flex Field Descriptions.


Under Flex Field Descriptions, enter the questions you wish to appear in the 341(a) tab. Once entered, you can choose to reorder the descriptions in the Screen Display Order box. To do this, simply drag and drop the box descriptions to re-sort.  When complete, click OK.341_3

In order to view these changes you will need to exit and log back into CaseLink Office.  Once logged in, return to the case that you were previously working on. Then, click on the 341(a) tab to view your changes. Your updated field changes should appear in the Additional Info section under Field Name.


Now you can add additional details before, during or after the 341(a) meeting.

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