05 Aug 2017

Stay On Track with ‘Close Accounts’ Feature in CaseLink

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Stay on track of your financial reporting with the ‘Close Accounts’ feature in CaseLink! In CaseLink, you always have complete control over which accounts need to be closed, with a quick way to close only the accounts of your choosing at that time. With this powerful tool, cut times off routine tasks with the ability to batch close zero balance accounts quickly and easily. Then, roll through your bank statement reviews at top speed without the clutter of inactive accounts!

Learn more about this handy feature to pack into your toolkit below!

  1. CaseLink²
  2. CaseLink Office


The Close Accounts feature in CaseLink² can be used as often as you review your accounts for closing—at least once a month. To access the Close Accounts feature, navigate to ‘Banking > Close Accounts’ from the top navigation menu.

The Close Accounts screen shows accounts with a zero balance in a table format. After reviewing the table data, you can use the checkboxes on the left to select which accounts you wish to batch close.

TIP: By checking the checkbox in the table header, you can easily choose all displayed accounts at once.


Click the blue “Close Accounts” button at the top right side of the table, and a pop-up window will appear that reads “The selected accounts will be closed.” You can click ‘OK’ to continue or click ‘Cancel’ to halt batch closing and return to the Close Accounts screen.

And that’s it!


CaseLink Office

In CaseLink Office, alerts on the Home page notify you of accounts that have a zero balance and can be batch closed. Under ‘Banking’ on the Home page, click on the ‘# of Potential Accounts to Close’ link. This will open the Potential Account Closures screen shown below.

The Potential Account Closures screen displays the full list of accounts that have a zero balance and can be closed. Accounts can be closed directly from this screen. To close accounts, select the accounts you want to close using the checkboxes in each row or the ‘Select All’ button at the bottom of the screen. Then, click the ‘Close Accounts’ button.

And that’s it!