14 Apr 2014

Stay in Banking Compliance by Obtaining TIN’s and Submitting W-9’s in CaseLink Office

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Easily Complete TIN’s and W-9’s in CaseLink Office

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BMS | CaseLink Office http://www.bmsadvantage.com/chapter7bankruptcy/caselink-officeStay in compliance with banking regulations by ensuring that your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is applied for, if you have not already obtained one, and that your W-9’s are submitted. TIN’s must be populated in CaseLink Office and W9’s should be submitted prior to making any banking transactions, including writing checks and conducting wire transfers.

TIN’s are applied for on a per case basis, only one TIN per case. In situations such as successor cases, performing your due diligence in obtaining the existing case TIN’s will help you avoid receiving multiple TIN’s per case. You can apply for TIN’s for individual Chapter 7 cases through your CaseLink Office software. For Corporate Restructuring clients, we recommend applying through the IRS website.

NOTE: Aim to get all TIN’s obtained and W-9’s submitted within the first week of opening an account.

Apply for Insta-TIN in CaseLink Office

First, choose the Case you need to create your TIN. Next, select the Debtor tab and click on TIN/SS-4. 


The Apply or Request a TIN box will open up. Here select the option to Request an Inst-TIN from the bank?. To complete, click Finish.


CaseLink will electronically send a request to Rabobank. Once the TIN has been created it will appear in red on the Homepage under Banking.

NOTE: Please be patient while the bank processes your TIN request. TIN’s can take up to 3 business days to appear. 

Make sure to wait for your TIN to appear in your CaseLink Office software. Remember, only one TIN can be assigned per case. If you try to reapply through CaseLink or the IRS.gov website, you run the risk of receiving multiple TINs. If multiple numbers have been assigned, you will have to contact the IRS to consolidate your TINs .

Activate eSign for W-9’s in CaseLink Office

The next step in this process signing your W-9’s. Before you can sign your W-9, a TIN must be assigned to you. Once a TIN has been assigned, you can submit your W-9 so that you may transfer funds and write checks.

W-9 signatures can be easily setup in your CaseLink Office software through eSign. Electronic signatures makes the process of setting up new accounts quick and easy.

To enable eSign go to the tool bar and select File > System Options.


Under System Options, select the System-Wide tab. Under the W-9 Processing, select the option to Electronically Process W-9s. Click OK 


To sign W-9’s with eSign in CaseLink Office

To sign your W-9’s go back to Home and locate the Banking section. Check to see that you have W-9’s to be signed, they will appear in red. Click the link.


 Next, the Electronic W-9 Signing box will appear. Select Sign All and click OK to complete signature process.


The last step will be to confirm that you Wish To E-Sign For Electronic W-9 Transmission. Click Yes to complete.


If you have any questions about applying for Insta-TIN or e-Signing your W-9’s, please contact the BMS Banking Center via email or call 800-634-7734 ext. 8.