01 Apr 2016

Spruce Up Your Software with CaseLink Web Profile Settings

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Looking for a D-I-Y project to take on this spring? Spruce up your software to reflect the information that is most important to you and build your best workflow with user-centric, customizable profile settings in CaseLink Web!

In CaseLink Web, each user has their own personal profile with settings that are unique to them. These settings are customizable to help users add their own personal touch. With the new release of CaseLink Web, enhanced customization options add much more usability and flexibility to the platform and allow it to be adapted to each court, practice and user.

Explore profile customization enhancements in the newest release of CaseLink Web below!

Navigate to Profile Settings

To navigate to your user profile and customize your settings, click on your name in the top navigation bar, and then click through the options on the right side of the screen under “Customize,” as shown below.


Customize Options

341(a) Calendar

In the 341(a) Calendar customization option, you can customize pre-created standard calendars or create your own custom calendars for your personal use in the 341(a) module. Then, you can select which information you would like to include on each, as shown below. With the newest release of CaseLink Web, now you can turn on a setting to mark all of your continued cases with an asterisk for easier tracking.




Uniform Forms Options

In the Uniform Forms customization option, you can customize the file name for your Uniform Forms, as well as select from other options. In the newest release of CaseLink Web, you can now include judge initials in capitalized or lowercase format, depending on your Regional requirements. Plus, now your email address will print in the footer of your NFR, or alternatively, in the header if you have chosen that option.


UST Form 1 & 2 Options

The UST Form 1 & 2 customization options allow you to customize the defaults associated with UST reports run from the footer of CaseLink Web, including an option to e-Sign Forms 1 and 2 and other options. In the newest release, you can now choose to save UST Form 1 and 2 reports that are run from the footer menu to your Case Documents.