06 Oct 2014

See How CaseLink Web Can Reinvent Your Practice

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See How CaseLink Web Can Reinvent Your Practice

CaseLinkWebReinvented180x180The digital era has ushered in new ways of working, demanding more productivity, more mobility and more availability from professionals. CaseLink Web, the cloud-based case administration platform from BMS, gives Chapter 7 offices maximum flexibility for today’s anywhere, anytime work styles.

CaseLink Web allows you greater control over your case administration workload with a range of reinvented features designed to increase your productivity.

  • Reinventing 341(a) meeting screens: customize your meeting screen to match exactly how you run your meetings.
  • Reinventing asset reviews: intuitive screen layout is similar to a Form 1 plus helpful icons highlight new and amended assets.
  • Reinventing document editing: Edit documents and annotate PDFs entirely in the Cloud without having to upload or download files.
  • And more…

Watch this short video to see what CaseLink Web is all about. Then request a demo to discover how CaseLink Web can help reinvent your case administration workflows.