02 Dec 2015

Scam-Proof Your Holidays with Cloud-based Backups

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The amount of online and financial scams tends to increase around the holidays; however, this year there is even more of a risk. In just the last month, a new version of the CryptoWall “ransomware” (CryptoWall 4.0) is infecting computers where it not only encrypts your files and holds them for ransom, but it now also scrambles the names of your files, making it impossible to recognize individual files.

The CryptoWall Trojan horse arrives on affected computers through zipped files in spam email, or through exploit kits that run when a user visits a compromised website or clicks on malicious Internet ads. Once the ransomware infects a computer and any connected drives and servers, it then demands payment for the user to be able to access their files.

In last month’s newsletter, we highlighted a trustee whose hometown had been subject to a wildfire, and who was able to regain access to her data and files through the backups of her case administration data to BMS as well as to her cloud-based file backup system, Carbonite.

With the newest update of this dangerous malware, it is more important than ever to have a backup system in place for your files. The case data and documents are already housed securely for CaseLink Web and CaseLink Online users. CaseLink Office users should make sure that backups of case data (excluding documents) to BMS servers are occurring on a regular basis. You can check the status of your backup by logging into the BMS client portal.

Note: It is imperative that each Trustee employ a backup solution in addition to backing up to BMS servers to recover your case documents (for CaseLink Office users) and any other non-CaseLink files housed on your computer. As the CryptoWall virus will also infect any connected portable hard drives and network drives, we recommend cloud-based backup solutions such as Carbonite, however there are many other cloud-based alternatives to choose from.

If you have any questions, please contact the hardware technicians in the BMS Support Center at support@bmsadvantage.com or 800-634-7734 for assistance.