04 Jun 2015

Save Time with this Overlooked Feature

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More Hours in Your Day: Save Time with this Overlooked Feature

Every Trustee would love the ability to squeeze more time out of their day. Whether you want the time for yourself or to spend on other work tasks, BMS knows time is a critical resource for you. To help you find more time, we’re introducing a new article series in the BMS Newsletter, “More Hours in Your Day,” highlighting overlooked features in our products that could be saving you time.

By starting to use the features we cover in our series, you can increase your level of efficiency and add more time to your schedule. To make it easy for you, we’ve linked to educational resources to help you get started using these time-savers. This month, we focus on the Auditor tool.

Too many Trustees use the Auditor tool only on an as-needed basis, putting themselves in a time crunch. A best practice is to run the Auditor tool every 30 days as it flags potential errors and discrepancies in your case data. You’ll find yourself better prepared for audits and scramble less often at the last minute—leaving you more in charge of your schedule. To find out more about how to use the Auditor tool, sign up for the Audit class in BMS University scheduled for June 11, 2015.

Got a time-saving tip? Have you discovered a function or workflow that adds time to your schedule? Let us know about it in the comments section below or email us, and we may feature your ideas in an upcoming BMS newsletter.