02 Jan 2015

Save Time – Print Interim Bank Statements On Demand

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Save Time: Print Interim Bank Statements On Demand

The ability to print interim bank statements any time you need them can save you precious time in multiple ways. After hearing many of our clients request this feature, BMS worked together with Rabobank so that you can generate Interim Bank Statements through the MyResources BMS client portal.


With the ability to print an Interim Bank Statement in PDF format on demand, you’ll be able to save time you would have spent waiting for a requested statement to be sent to you. There’s also time savings in being able to keep your work flow moving steadily and efficiently forward.

MyResources - Run Interim Bank Statements

This is especially convenient when you’re working at night or working from home. You can print an Interim Bank Statement at 7 p.m. on Tuesday or midnight on Saturday as easily as you can print one at 10 a.m. on Monday. This new feature puts you in control of your time.

If you would like to view our tutorial on generating Interim Bank Statements, you can find it here. If you have further questions, please contact one of our client-focused team members in the BMS Banking Center by email or calling (800) 634-7734 ext. 8.

Tip for printing Previous Month’s Bank Statements:

If you want to print the previous month’s Bank Statement in addition to the Interim Bank Statement, you don’t need to put in a special request. Previous monthly Bank Statements can be found in QuickDocs (or the Documents folder for a specific case in CaseLink Web) and printed from there.