09 Jan 2017

Save Time Finding Documents with the Sidekick in CaseLink²

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Get the year started on the right foot and save time by using the Sidekick in CaseLink² to find and access documents! Not familiar with the Sidekick? It’s the panel on the right side of the screen that allows you to quickly move between cases, find and view documents, and access and run reports.

In this article we’ll review the “Documents” tab of the Sidekick and provide you with tips to access documents on-the-fly and easily annotate, add documents to emails, and prep for 341(a) meetings.

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3 Documents List Types

Docs tab of the Sidekick provides three listings of documents: “All,” “Case,” and “Global.” Clicking on any document from these lists allows you to view or download the document.

1)  All Documents

Search all documents across all cases for a specific keyword or phrase. In the example shown below, you can see results from a search for the keyword “boat.”

2)  Case Documents

Displays a list of all the documents associated with the current case you are working on (when accessed from the case level) or the most recent case you were working on (when accessed from the global level). Use filter, search, and sort controls to refine the list further.

You can also use the drop-down menu to navigate between different folders of documents.

3)  Global Documents

Displays a list of all the documents that are not assigned to a specific case. Use the filter, search, and sort controls to refine the list further.

You can use the drop-down menu to navigate between folders of documents.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the various document list types available, unwrap the true power of the Sidekick by incorporating these tips into your workflow.

Tip #1: Use the Filter, Sort and Search Controls

Additional controls in the Sidekick allow you to filter, search, or sort the documents list. By default, Docs View is sorted by document number. You can change this setting using the drop-down menus. When you select a filter from the drop-down menus, the Sidekick will remember your choice, even across sessions, until you change it.

Tip #2: Use the DocList link to quickly navigate to either Global or Case Documents

The top menu provides a “DocList” link that opens either Global Documents or Case Documents depending on whether it is accessed from a global or a case tab.

Once you are on the Documents screen, you can use the filters in the Sidekick to narrow your results on the screen.

Tip #3: Use the Intelligent 341(a) View for Documents

The Sidekick’s Docs View includes an intelligent feature that presents specially formatted information based on where you are in the program. If you are on the Case Information screen’s 341(a) tab and you open the Sidekick to the Docs tab, it will automatically show you the Cases Listing with “341 View” as the default folder to view. You will see documents organized by category: PACER, DocLink, and Other.

Tip #4: Remember to Click the Filter/Sort button to apply your selections!

Whenever such a button is visible, you must click the Filter/Sort button in order to apply the settings. Otherwise, the default (or previous) settings continue to take precedence.


If you have any further questions about best practices for using the cases tab of the Sidekick, please contact your BMS account manager, the BMS Support Center through in-software chat, or email BMS Training.