03 Sep 2014

Save Time by Restoring the Classic View of Microsoft Word

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Save Time by Restoring the Classic View of Microsoft Word

We spend most of our day in the office, Microsoft Office that is. It’s no wonder we feel challenged when Microsoft updates their software changing all our familiar views and functions. It takes time to have to re-learn a program we were already so familiar with. Stop being frustrated by these constant changes. Either, follow the tutorial below to bring back the familiar Classic views and functions found in the earlier versions of Word or take a look at this Quick Start guide from Microsoft to learn the new interface.

How to Restore Microsoft Word Classic Views

When you open Word 2013, below is how it appears by default.


By incorporating the changes in this tutorial, Word will Open and Save in this familiar Classic view, as seen below.


How to Change Word 2013 to the Classic View

To make this change, click on the downward arrow located on top of the ribbon toolbar. Check Open and Save, as seen below.


Next, left click your mouse on the FILE tab. Scroll down to Options and left click to open the Word Options window.


In the Word Options window scroll down to Save and left click your mouse. You will see the Microsoft Word 2013 default settings, highlighted in the image below. Next, check the box, “Don’t show the Backstage when opening or saving files” and uncheck the box, “Show additional places for saving, even if sign-in may be required.”


That’s it! Now you will be able to Open and Save Word 2013 documents in the classic familiar view.


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