01 Nov 2016

Restructure Your Work with TrustWorks

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Restructure the way you work! Simplify your liquidating engagements outside of Chapter 7 with TrustWorks – a robust case administration and banking platform from BMS for Chapter 11 Trustees, Receivers, and Restructuring Fiduciaries.

Just like CaseLink is great for administering Chapter 7 cases, TrustWorks is a single end-to-end solution tailored for restructuring professionals working on liquidating engagements such as post-confirmation 11s, receiverships and ABCs. It integrates banking, claims management, document management, and workflow tracking in one platform similarly to CaseLink; however, TrustWorks allows you far more flexibility as it is not constrained by the rules set forth in the Chapter 7 Handbook.

With TrustWorks, you can:

  • Place funds in a UST-approved bank from anywhere in the country
  • Automatically generate checks from auto-calculated pro-rata claim distributions
  • Make adjustments for specific claimants on-the-fly
  • Create reserve accounts and tag claims with reserve statuses
  • Create custom categories and ledger transaction codes to match the requirements dictated by the Plan
  • Keep track of all bank and case documents within QuikDocs

Work more efficiently and accomplish in minutes what used to take hours with TrustWorks! Learn more here and contact your BMS Account Manager to discuss if you should transfer any cases from CaseLink to TrustWorks.