02 Feb 2016

How to Reprint Checks in CaseLink and TrustWorks

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In any enduring relationship, there are new things to celebrate and old things to cherish. This month, we touch on both old and new as we discuss a feature we know you love: the ability to reprint checks within CaseLink or TrustWorks.

In our January 2016 update to CaseLink Web, we introduced a new feature that allows users to reprint checks without having to call BMS. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use the new CaseLink Web feature and revisit how to use the reprint check feature in CaseLink Office and TrustWorks.

Reprinting Checks in CaseLink Web

To start using the reprint checks feature, you first need to have your Rights updated in the Privileges section under Profile. Note: Only the trustee (or an authorized user with appropriate privileges) may provision such rights.

Editing Privileges

From the Profile page, click on “Edit Privileges” for each user. This will open the Privileges screen, and “Rights” is the first tab. A new entry, “Reprint Checks” has been added to the Rights tab. There are two options for privileges for this feature: “Full Rights” and “None.”

By default, the trustee has “Full Rights” and all other users have “None.” If you would like a user to be able to access the Reprint Checks feature, select the “Full Rights” radio button and then click on the “Save” button at the top or bottom of the screen.


Profile > Privileges

Reprinting Checks

You will find the Reprint Checks feature in the Print Checks module under “Banking” in the global menu at the top of the screen.


On the Print Checks screen, click on the Printed Checks tab. This is where you can reprint checks.


Checks with a status of “Pending” can be reprinted by selecting the case using the checkboxes on the left-hand side of the display table and clicking the “Print” button. (If you need to determine the status of a particular check, you may do so on the Accounts screen.) As long as the user has been given the appropriate rights, the check will print as valid.


After reprinting, the date of the reprint will appear in the “Reprint” column.


Checks with a status other than “Pending” cannot be reprinted as valid checks. Attempting to reprint a check with a status of “Cleared,” “NSF,” “Stopped,” or “Void” will instead print a non-negotiable reprint.

If a user without “Reprint Check” rights attempts to reprint a check with any status, including “Pending,” the check will print as a non-negotiable copy.


Reprinting Checks in CaseLink Office or TrustWorks

To reprint a check in CaseLink Office or TrustWorks, go to the Banking tab and locate the check you want to reprint. You’ll notice that when a check has already been printed, the “Print Check” checkbox is not checked.

RC-6-2 copy

In order to reprint this check, you will need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Check the “Print Check” checkbox.
  2. Save the transaction by clicking the “Save” button.


Navigate to the Print Checks window to print the check as you would normally do so. If you would like to print just specific checks, use the checkbox in the “Print” column to select the check(s) you wish to reprint, then click the “Print” button.


If you need assistance with setting up appropriate user rights to reprint checks, please contact the BMS Banking Center at (800) 634-7764 or send an email to Banking@BMSAdvantage.com.