01 Mar 2016

Reminder to BMS Clients: Do Not Upgrade to Windows 10

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Windows-10Microsoft is aggressively trying to increase adoption of it’s latest operating system—Windows 10. If you are currently using a PC, you may be seeing prompts to upgrade your system software.

As we have relayed in previous communications, the BMS Hardware technicians would like to remind you not to upgrade BMS-issued computer equipment to Windows 10 at this time due to an incompatibility between the web browser in Windows 10—Microsoft Edge—and PACER.

Actions in PACER such as viewing the court docket, e-filing and 341(a) filing cease to function properly when using the incompatible web browser in Windows 10. You can circumvent Microsoft Edge and revert to Internet Explorer 11; however, most court district websites do not function properly with Internet Explorer 11 either. In addition, other software that you may be using for processes such as time tracking may not work in Windows 10, causing you unnecessary headaches. Your best bet is not to upgrade your BMS-issued computer to Windows 10 at this time.

IT professionals generally advise that businesses not upgrade their computer systems to a new operating system until the first service pack is released—typically a year after the original release of the operating system. Service packs include a large bundle of security updates and bug fixes that iron out issues that have occurred during new operating system’s first year of use by the public.

The BMS Hardware Team continually monitors and tests new operating systems, browsers, and system updates for conflicts that might affect BMS clients. When Windows 10 is fully ready to support the needs of BMS clients and PACER sites for individual courts are compatible with Microsoft Edge, we will communicate that news to you.

If you have any questions about Windows 10, please contact the Hardware Support Technicians at the BMS Support Center for assistance.