01 Aug 2015

Reminder: BMS Phone Menu Options Have Changed

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The main BMS phone number (800-634-7734) is set up to answer calls for both support calls from clients as well as normal corporate inquiries. As such, in order to streamline support calls coming in from our clients, we have recently updated our phone menu options as follows:

When you call the BMS phone number (800-634-7734), you will now have the following menu options: 
–  Press “1” to dial by extension
–  Press “2” to reach the BMS Support Center
–  Press “0” to reach the BMS Operator

When you press option “2” for the BMS Support Center, you will now have several additional options to reach the exact support team you want: 
–  Press “1” for CaseLink Web software support
–  Press “2” for CaseLink Office software support
–  Press “3” for TrustWorks software support
–  Press “4” for BMS-supplied Hardware and third-party software support
–  Press “5” for the BMS Banking Center
–  Press “6” for Debtor Attorney DocLink support
–  Press “7” to order additional supplies

Of course, you are always welcome to use our Live Chat support or email us with any support-related issues:

–  Software or Hardware Support: support@bmsadvantage.com

–  Banking Support: banking@bmsadvantage.com