01 Apr 2016

Refresh Your 341(a) Meetings with Prep Reports

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Refresh the way you prepare for 341(a) meetings this spring! As you know, the new bankruptcy forms introduced in late 2015 are significantly more voluminous than the old forms, and can be quite taxing to flip through in preparation for your 341(a) meetings.

Luckily, BMS has you covered! Our CaseLink software has offered 341(a) Prep Reports (aka Prep Sheets) for many years that help to save Chapter 7 offices time by pulling key data that you need from the petitions into an easy-to-read summary. With the new, much longer petitions, these prep reports can save you even more time and stress.

Check out how to access prep reports for your specific CaseLink platform below:

CaseLink Web

Standard and custom 341(a) prep reports are available to all CaseLink Web users, allowing you to succinctly capture the most important information you need in a snap. To prepare for a 341(a) meeting using a prep report in CaseLink Web, go to the ‘341(a) View’ from the Global 341(a) menu. Both standard and custom prep sheets are available from the ‘Select Action’ drop-down menu, shown below.


To use these prep sheets, simply select the cases you’d like to populate the template from the case list, then select the template you’d like to use from the drop-down menu.

You can control which prep sheet templates appear in the drop-down menu from the 341(a) Prep Sheet option in your Profile settings.


CaseLink Office

The 341(a) Prep Report in CaseLink Office allows you to easily conduct your 341(a) meetings by compiling key data in one concise document. This report captures and retrieves all information from Schedules A-J, the Statement of Financial Affairs and the Means Test, and merges them into a Microsoft Word or WordPerfect document so you are ready to go in a few simple steps. Plus, CaseLink Office consolidates Schedules A-D into a single grid for easy reference.

Preparing the 341(a) Prep Report

The 341(a) Prep Report is available via the ‘Worksheet’ button on the 341(a) Worksheet screen, as shown below.

CaseLink Office provides you with an initial template for the prep report; however, since this is offered to you as a merge document, you have the flexibility to alter the report to suit your specific needs.

To merge the 341(a) Prep Report, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the ‘341(a) Wkst’ tab in the Form Selection toolbar on the left side of the page.
  2. Select the 341(a) meeting date from the drop-down menus at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the ‘Worksheet’ button located on the bottom of the screen, which opens the below prompt. The three checkbox options in the center of the screen are defaulted to checked, but you can uncheck these if you wish.
  4. Select the file type from the ‘Report File’ drop-down list.
  5. Select the ‘Merge to QuikDocs’ checkbox if you would like to create a document for each individual case.
  6. You can Preview, Print and/or create a PDF of the 341(a) Prep Report via the button options.
    *Note: You can also have a customized Prep Report created for you in CaseLink Office. For more information, please contact your Account Manager or the BMS Support Center. 

If you need assistance with prep reports for your upcoming 341(a) meetings, please contact your Account Manager or a Software Support Analyst in the BMS Support Center.