06 May 2014

Receive Debtor Documents Securely with DocLink

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Receive Debtor Documents Securely with DocLink

Your Post-Encryption Solution that Protects PII

As of May 1, 2014, all Chapter 7 Trustee offices must comply with the handbook requirements to encrypt all Chapter 7 data on laptops and portable drives – including debtor documents you receive for 341(a) meetings via email.

DocLink, our Cloud-based solution for 341(a) debtor documents, provides both Trustees and debtor attorneys with a secure, encrypted environment to send and receive sensitive debtor information. When a debtor’s attorney uploads documents into DocLink, you are notified via an email but the actual documents are automatically downloaded into your QuikDocs or Case Documents folder – easy for you to find and eliminating having sensitive attachments in your email.

Did you know DocLink provides users with:

  • Automatic Document EncryptionDocLink  automatically encrypts all debtor documents upon upload.
  • Secure Document Storage. Documents uploaded to our secure servers are stored in an encrypted format providing you with the highest levels of security.
  • Single Location for Debtor Files. DocLink is a cloud-based service that allows debtor attorneys to upload files to a secure single location. This makes sharing files and retrieving documents simple and seamless.
  • A Secure, Single Cloud Based Portal. DocLink is Cloud-based, meaning you have no software to install. You have the ability to securely access all important case data online anywhere at anytime, provided you have an Internet connection.

And, best of all, it’s Free. DocLink’s document management portal is secure and available to CaseLink users – at no cost.

Now that you know the benefits of using DocLink, you may be wondering why you haven’t signed up? Follow the steps below to get set up with your free DocLink account.

How to Get Started with DocLink

Trustee offices should follow these 3 easy steps to start using DocLink:

Step 1: Prepare CaseLink to receive DocLink data and seed DocLink with debtor attorney information.
Step 2: Create a DocLink Account.
Step 3: Log into DocLink and send registration keys to debtor attorneys..

Step 1: Preparing CaseLink

1)     Log in to your CaseLink software and access the User Rights Page.
2)     On the homepage, click on the File menu and select Security. 
3)     In the Security Information box, click on the User Rights (page 1) tab to locate your Chapter 7 Trustee number and check the Is Trustee box.
4)     When prompted, verify that you are the trustee and that there is a valid email address listed in the User Information section.


5)     Next, click on User Rights (page 2) and check DocLink from the list. Choose Save to complete.


6)     In order to create a DocLink account, go back to the CaseLink homepage and click on the Connect to DocLink link.


Step 2: Creating your DocLink Account

Clicking on the Connect to DocLink link inside CaseLink Office will send you to the DocLink registration page where you will create a new DocLink account with a unique User Name and Password


Step 3: Send Registration Keys to Attorneys

To activate a Debtor Attorney in Doclink, they must be assigned to a case in CaseLink. They will be automatically imported into DocLink.

1)     Log into Doclink and click on the Manage Professionals tab.
2)     Locate the attorneys you want to activate by checking the box to the left (you may select multiple attorneys at the same time).
3)     To complete, click Send Registration Key.

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An email will be sent automatically with registration instructions, including the Registration Key, to the email address associated with the selected attorney.

*To authorize a Debtor Attorney in DocLink, an email address must be listed in conjunction with the attorney in CaseLink.

From the Manage Professionals screen you will be able to see the date the email was sent to the selected attorney, the Registration Key for that attorney and the date the attorney registers with DocLink. You will be able to activate and deactivate attorneys from this screen as well.

If you have additional questions with the DocLink process,  please contact your Account Manager or the BMS Support Center via email or call 800-634-7734 ext. 6.