09 Aug 2016

Raving Fan Finds Cool Refresher with BMS University

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With any specialty, periodic refreshers are necessary to keep the knowledge up-to-date. For Emerald Rose, assistant to Trustee Dale Goodman, her case administration knowledge stays refreshed as she takes advantage of the weekly live classes and recorded training videos offered by BMS University.

As a longtime user of BMS software – having used the CaseLink Office platform for over 25 years – Ms. Rose is still learning new tricks to make her work even more productive thanks to BMS University. “I take the live training classes in BMS University every week, and I always learn a trick or two,” Ms. Rose says. “Even after using CaseLink for all of these years, I learn new things in every class.”

On the topics she finds the most useful, Ms. Rose loves that the classes offer a wide variety of subjects – running the gamut from need-to-knows in the industry, to the ins and outs of the software. “There’s always something new and different, which is great,” Ms. Rose says. “It’s also really helpful to be reminded of how to use some parts of the program that I maybe use only once a year, or every two or three years.”

Beyond the variety of topics covered, Ms. Rose is especially appreciative of BMS Training Specialist, Melinda McLendon. “Melinda is an excellent trainer,” Ms. Rose says. “She’s used the program herself for many years so she knows a lot of shortcuts. For example, I didn’t have a great handle on Asset Verifications, and she pointed out a new way of looking at it, which helped me out a lot.”

In addition to the live trainings, Melinda is always available via email or by phone after the trainings for questions. (Note: Recordings of the trainings can be viewed on HelpLink after each class.) “Melinda is always responsive,” Ms. Rose says. “I reached out to her recently because I didn’t quite understand what she meant in a training session, and she cleared it up right away.”

For trustees and trustee assistants wondering if they should switch to BMS, Ms. Rose says it’s absolutely worth it – especially with the added training options available through BMS University.