02 Apr 2016

Raving Fan Discovers World of Possibility in the Cloud

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Trustee assistant Lee Dowding discovered that the grass really is greener on the other side when her practice switched to BMS’ cloud-based case administration platform, CaseLink Web. With anytime, anywhere case administration at her fingertips and a secure, easy solution to remotely accessing her firm’s software, Dowding is now flying high in the Cloud.

As an assistant for Trustee Jeremy Faith, Dowding works in a satellite office in Encino, CA, which is separate from Faith’s main office. Before switching to CaseLink Web, Dowding primarily used BMS’ desktop-based CaseLink Office software, which she loved; however, if she or Faith needed to log in remotely to the main server—which happened quite a bit—it proved to be a challenge.

Luckily, BMS’ cloud-based platform combines everything Dowding loved about CaseLink Office in an easy-to-use and flexible-to-access solution, which was exactly what Dowding’s firm needed.

“When we found out there was a web-based application, we were thrilled,” Dowding says. “Before, I had to remote in to the server, and now I don’t have to, which is great. Also, if I’m sick or if there’s an accident on the freeway and I can’t get into the office, it’s very easy for me to work from home. I can get into the software from anywhere, which I love.”

Dowding’s immediate happiness at the easier-to-access platform became even more pronounced as she discovered its customizable features that fit all of the different ways that each person on her team works.

“I like the fact that there’s more than one different way to access the cases,” Dowding says. “For example, the 341(a) calendar view is versatile to customize for both my preferences and the trustee’s, since we don’t look at cases the same way. That is really great.”

In addition, Dowding was pleased to see the workflow and productivity boost the platform’s robust features brought to her team.

“Daily production has definitely sped up,” Dowding says. “Downloading and uploading documents is super easy, which saves a huge amount of effort and makes working with debtors sending in documents much easier. I really like that.”

Although CaseLink Web is slightly different in its layout and functionality than CaseLink Office, Dowding says her firm’s transition went remarkably smooth with the help of the training videos on BMS University.

“With all of the courses available on BMS University, you can get a quick reminder on how to do anything in the software,” Dowding says.

Above all, Dowding was pleased that CaseLink Web allowed her to continue working with the BMS team members her firm knew and loved.

“One of the main reasons we stayed with BMS was because we loved the people we were working with,” Dowding says. “The people are truly the best part about working with BMS.”