09 Jan 2017

Raving Fan Discovers Most Productive Practice with CaseLink²

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In the New Year, one of the top resolutions many people make is to spend their time more wisely. For Fran Rothwell, Trustee Assistant to Northern California-based Chapter 7 Trustee, John Roberts, saving tons of time previously spent on tedious work tasks and operating at her peak efficiency is made possible with CaseLink².

Mr. Roberts and Ms. Rothwell originally started their practice in 1986 with a different software provider; however, hearsay about the benefits of CaseLink Office by BMS made them look into switching.

“It seemed to me that BMS was staying more cutting-edge with their platform than my then software vendor,” Ms. Rothwell said.

Fran Rothwell, Assistant to Trustee John Roberts

When Mr. Roberts began working toward retirement in 2014, Ms. Rothwell needed a more flexible software option, so she switched to CaseLink Web to be able to monitor Mr. Roberts’ remaining cases from home.

Then, in September 2016, Mr. Roberts and Ms. Rothwell were introduced to CaseLink², and decided to move forward with the simple upgrade. Since then, they have not looked back.

“Everything in CaseLink² is so well-thought out,” Ms. Rothwell says. “I love that it mimics CaseLink Office in the layout. It’s very easy to use and work with.”

Now that Ms. Rothwell primarily works from home, the improved accessibility of CaseLink² is most welcome. “I love the web-based software,” Ms. Rothwell said. “The flexibility to work from home is really a great addition to our practice.”

Plus, new features have made her monitoring duties a cinch while working remotely. “I love the Alerts Panel – working from home, I like that I can see the most important items that I need to see as soon as I sign in,” Ms. Rothwell said. “I also like the Calendar and Tasks list quite a bit because – even though I don’t get to all the tasks I need to every day – I like seeing everything that is on my plate and prioritizing my day around it.”

“Having those reminders from the Tasks list is a must because even if I think I’m going to remember everything, I won’t,” Ms. Rothwell added.

With fully-realized accessibility and enhanced productivity, Ms. Rothwell could not be happier with CaseLink², with the added benefit of receiving the industry-renowned support from the BMS Support Center and her Account Manager, Melanie Patton.

“My experience with BMS has been over-the-top wonderful,” Ms. Rothwell said. “I’ve always had excellent service from the Support Center and my Account Manager, Melanie Patton. Plus, everybody’s so friendly and they make you feel like family. I just love working with BMS.”