06 May 2013

Rabobank has unique ABA Number and Check Verification Phone Numbers for BMS Clients

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Banking Tip:

Rabobank has unique ABA Number and Check Verification Phone Numbers for BMS Clients

Did you know that Rabobank, N.A. services BMS clients out of a dedicated Specialty Deposits division? This division is a separate entity from its Retail banking division. They help to service specific Rabobank ABA numbers as well as perform third party check verifications for an exclusive group of clients, such as Trustees and Fiduciaries using BMS software.

Because of the separation between the Specialty Deposits and the Retail banking divisions, neither can see accounts within the other division; however, many banks continue to think they are one and the same, which is not the case. We’d like to remind you of the dedicated ABA number and customer service phone numbers should any questions arise about your accounts at Rabobank, N.A.

Rabobank ABA number…Just for BMS Clients

Several different ABA numbers are employed by Rabobank. ABA number 122237159 has been designated for use exclusively by BMS clients by the Rabobank Specialty Deposits group. When providing wire instructions to another financial institution to have funds sent into accounts for your estates at Rabobank, please stress the importance of using this ABA number.

Please note: ABA Number 122237159 may display as “Mid-State Bank & Trust” in some bank’s systems – this bank was acquired by Rabobank, N.A. in 2007 and is the ABA number being used by the Rabobank Specialty Deposits division for BMS clients. If questions arise regarding this ABA number, it means that the sending institution’s system is out of date and should be updated. To update their system with the correct information for Rabobank’s Specialty Deposits group, you can instruct your institutions to verify the ABA number on the Federal Reserve website at https://www.frbservices.org/EPaymentsDirectory/search.html

Third party check verification

When third parties verify checks written from Rabobank, N.A. accounts, additional steps will need to be taken in order to get the correct verification. What often happens is a third party will attempt to contact Rabobank’s Retail banking division for check verifications. What they do not realize is that the retail branch does not have visibility into accounts within the Specialty Deposits division causing the retail branch to think that the account does not exist when, in fact, it really does. In order to make sure this does not happen, please ask them to contact either the BMS Banking Center at 800-634-7734, option 8 or the Rabobank Specialty Deposits group at 800-465-2415 directly.

If you have any additional questions about ABA numbers or Check Verifications, contact either the BMS Banking Center at 800-634-7734, option 8.