02 Dec 2013

QuikText saves time and keystrokes in CaseLink Office

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Product Tip:

QuikText saves time and keystrokes in CaseLink Office

Do you find yourself typing in the same sentence or paragraph over and over again?  Would you like to find an easier way to do this?  If the answer is yes, then you should start using QuikText in CaseLink Office.

QuikText is a macro system within CaseLink Office that works in a similar manner to macros in Excel. QuikText allows you to enter numerous strings of text into the Case and Assets areas in CaseLink Office. Instead of having to continually type in redundant information, you will now be able to simply paste it in with a few clicks of the mouse.

Step 1: Create QuikText Entries

  1. Go to the Tables menu and select QuikText Descriptions.
  2. Click on the New Item button.
  3. Entering in the CODE (the text you will now start entering, we used TEST in our example below). This will be the short code, up to 6 characters, that you will type in as your shortcut.
  4. Enter in the Text (the text you will have “pasted” into the field you want, we used “This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System” in our example).
  5. Check off all the areas in CaseLink Office where you would like to use this phrase. You can select to have this entered into the Case areas and/or the Asset areas, as seen in the many options below.
  6. Click the Save button when you have completed the entry.


Step 2: Use the QuikText Entries you’ve created

1. In order to use the QuikText entry, you will need to go into the Case Memos area and type in the QuikText Phrase “Test“.


2. Type “Ctrl+Space” and the word “Test” without any spaces afterward. The text will then change to the phrase you entered in QuikText in the QuikTest Description List.


3. If you have multiple phrases you want to use you can right-click on the text field and select another one that you already set up, without having to type in anything at all.


Note: Right-clicking will give you the chance to Add New Description for a new QuikText entry.  This will bring up a blank QuikText entry screen. You can then highlight text you want to be in the new QuikText entry, right-click, select “Add”, and the highlighted text will be auto-filled into the new QuikText field.

  • If you want to edit one of the entries, go back into QuikText, click once on the entry you wish to edit, make the changes and click the Save button.
  • If you want to delete an entry, select it from the QuikText list, click on the Options button and select Delete Record.

It’s that simple. Taking the time to set up QuikText can indeed save you valuable time in the future.

If you have any questions about how to set up QuikText, please contact the BMS Support Center at 800-634-7734, ext. 6 or via email

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